Our Beers

Our Beers

‘Knock-kneed Stag’ - Traditional English Porter 6%

A rich dark beer that is bursting with vinous fruits, chocolate, caramel and spice undertones.

Echoes the powerhouse of London Dockyards. A beer of days gone by and not for the faint hearted! A true Winter beer, one to be enjoyed in front of a fire with a hearty meal.

Maris Otter barley, Chocolate malt and Crystal malt are used to provide the body, a blend of Fuggle, Challenger Golding and a generous dose of Bramling Cross hops add the bitterness and aroma, torrified wheat is used to provide a rich head that lingers to the very bottom of the glass.

‘Rambling Roebuck’ - Light English Bitter 3.8%

A Copper coloured ale that is pleasingly bitter yet bursting with refreshing hop aromas. A good session beer, lots of flavour but not too strong.

Maris Otter barley is combined with Light Crystal malt and Cara Pilsner malt to give a pleasing refreshing beer that has depth colour and body. Target hops are used to provide the bitterness, these are then supplemented by adding East Kent Goldings and Challenger hops.

‘Screaming Sika’ - New Zealand Pale Ale 5%

A true New World style beer, light and quaffable almost lagerlike in style. Zesty, citrus tastes with hints of grapefruit and mango. Perfect for summer drinking or for those that prefer a lighter beer. Best served slightly chilled.

Maris Otter malted barley and Biscuit malt produce a light almost lager style beer. The hops used are the Power House Nelson Sauvin and Cascade.

‘Red Imperial’ - Dark English Bitter 4.8%

This is bursting with toffee and banana flavours and a lingering spicy floral hop aftertaste. A late Autumn ale perfect for Bonfire Night or just as a winter warmer. Already a favourite, receiving great praise from Swale branch CAMRA on its first outing and looks to have us included in Brewers and Breweries of Kent.

High Colour Crystal malt is used to give this beer a deep ruby hue; this produces a rich luxurious beer with a good body and head. The Challenger, Fuggles, Willamette and East Kent Golding hops provide the right amount of bitterness and aroma to offset the malty rich taste provided by the Crystal Malt.

‘Whistling Elk’ - Pacific West Coast Pale Ale 5.8%

Amber in colour and an orangey citrus fragrance with a crisp, clean taste. Very highly hopped and bursting with flavours with intense bitterness and aromas coming through makes it a very punchy beer. Typical of the craft beers being produced in the USA.

Brewed with Maris Otter malted barley, Cara, Crystal and wheat malt this beer is reminiscent of our own IPA’s of the colonial times. Hops used include Simcoe, Summit, Chinook and Centennial. Dry hopped and bottle conditioned with an American yeast strain.

Purchase options…

Our beers can be supplied in 9 gallon firkins for pubs and events, such as parties and weddings, or 8 pint mini kegs, the perfect gift size or just enough for you to enjoy over a weekend. Small bottle batches of our beers are also available with prior arrangement.

Should you wish to have your own custom beer made, this can be supplied in small bottle batches or the kegs. Ideal for those special occasions!

Please contact us for details of prices and delivery options.

How best to enjoy your beer…

All beers are live products, as such it is normal to have a sediment ring in the bottom of the bottle. Some people will like to pour the sediment into their glass, that’s fine as it’s your beer after all! For those that want a perfectly clear beer then pour slowly down the side of the glass, making sure to leave the sediment in the bottle.

Live products continue to improve with time, beer is no different. As we do not add sulphates or preservatives the beer is best drunk within 3 months. It is normal for the beer to appear cloudy if it has been disturbed in transit, simply allow to settle for 3-4 days before drinking for a clear beer.

More information..

All beers contain malted barley and some also contain wheat malt, therefore they are not gluten free. We can however brew a range of gluten free beers depending on demand. Please contact us for batch sizes and prices.

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