Our Brewing Process

Our Brewing Process


Boiling Process

The hops we use are carefully selected to provide the right amount of bitterness and aroma, the boil process is carefully monitored with the hops being added at varying time intervals throughout the boil to achieve the final desired taste.



All our beers are fermented for at least 10 days, this is to achieve a complete and full fermentation of the sugars. These are obtained from carefully mashing a mix of English Maris Otter malted barley and the additional grains that we add to achieve the style of beer that we are seeking to brew.


Secondary fermentation and dry hopped

After primary fermentation the beer is secondary fermented and dry hopped.  Dry hopping is an expensive and time consuming process that requires dry hops to be infused in the beer for up to 5 days. This process allows the beer to take on the oils and flavours of the hops that are lost during the boil.

Fined & Bottled

The beer is then fined and left to clear before being bottled or kegged. It’s the bottling and conditioning process that makes the beer taste so great! A carefully measured priming solution is added to the bottle or keg, the purpose of this is to promote a third small fermentation. This is known as Bottle Conditioning and gives a lovely natural level of carbonation, not too gassy and neither too flat. The level of carbonation can be adjusted accordingly to the style of beer produced.


The beers are live products and are unfiltered and unpasteurised, this gives a beer with a full body and taste.  The beer’s aroma and body will be evident as soon as you pour it into the glass.
We will not compromise on our ethos of taking the necessary time, and  passion for using quality ingredients, to ensure a pint that you will relish.